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Software Support for the ColdFire Architecture

Supported Development Tools:

  • Freescale CodeWarrior development tools (with RTOS-aware debugging)
  • IAR Embedded Workbench for ColdFire (with RTOS-aware debugging)
  • Wind River Diab compiler
  • Lauterbach debugger (with RTOS-aware debugging)

Our RTOS family...

  • Support for DSPs, Microcontrollers and Multiprocessing. Versatile API enables easy migration across architectures and applications while preserving your application code.
  • Flexible and Configurable. Choose the configuration that will deliver the performance, size and features for your application.
  • Scalable. Easy to control you memory footprint; tailor RTOS resources to your application.
  • Easy to Use. Intuitive, well documented, user-friendly manual.
  • Fast. Designed and coded to ensure low system overhead, low latency and responsive services.
  • Powerful. Offers a rich set of kernel objects and services, allowing you to manage thread/task execution, move data and manage time and other events and interrupts.

Integrated Stacks and Middleware

  • TCP/IP v4/v6
  • USB host, device and OTG
  • High performance file systems
  • CAN and CANopen
  • GUI development tools and libraries

Graphical Design Environment

From flow diagrams to documented C code with a few quick clicks, our VisualRTXC design tool speeds development and helps you keep your project on track. 

Support for Freescale ColdFire processors

To inquire about support for a specific ColdFire processor, please contact your local Quadros Systems sales representative, or use our information request form.

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These part numbers are representative of the processors supported by Quadros Systems. The inclusion of a part number on this list does not guarantee that support is currently available. Please verify your processor requirements with a Quadros sales representative.

  • MCF5480
  • MCF5481
  • MCF5482
  • MCF5483
  • MCF5484
  • MCF5485
  • MCF5470
  • MCF5471
  • MCF5472
  • MCF5473
  • MCF5474
  • MCF5475
  • MCF5407
  • MCF54451
  • MCF54452
  • MCF54453
  • MCF54454
  • MCF54455
  • MCF5372
  • MCF5372L
  • MCF5373
  • MCF5373L
  • MCF5327
  • MCF5328
  • MCF5328L
  • MCF5329
  • MCF52230
  • MCF52231
  • MCF52232
  • MCF52233
  • MCF52234
  • MCF52235
  • MCF52236
  • MCF52221
  • MCF52223
  • MCF5280
  • MCF5281
  • MCF5282
  • MCF5270
  • MCF5271
  • MCF5272
  • MCF5274L
  • MCF5274
  • MCF5275
  • MCF5275L
  • MCF5232
  • MCF5233
  • MCF5234
  • MCF5235
  • MCF5211
  • MCF5212
  • MCF5213
  • MCF5214
  • MCF5215
  • MCF5216
  • MCF5206
  • MCF5207
  • MCF5208