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RTXCusb Software

Complete Development Suite for Embedded USB

RTXCusb is a suite of stacks, class drivers and controller drivers for low-, full-, and high-speed USB implementations in embedded devices. This development solution was specifically developed to support the growing number of embedded developers who want to integrate USB plug-and-play functionality into their products.

Whether you are building a new application or want to quickly and easily add USB connectivity to an existing application, Quadros Systems has a solution for you.

Product Overview

Complete USB development suite. RTXCusb supports development on both sides of the USB bus. This comprehensive solution includes host and device stacks, class drivers and controller drivers.

Modular solution --- choose only the components you need. RTXCusb is designed to be a fully modular solution. You license only what you need for your application.

Developed to meet the needs of embedded applications. RTXCusb was developed for embedded applications which need a small footprint and high performance.

RTOS-agnostic. RTXCusb has been designed to work closely with the RTXC Quadros real-time operating system, however an RTOS abstraction layer is included which means it can be used with almost any kernel or operating system.

USB low-speed, full-speed and high-speed compliant. RTXCusb is designed to USB standards and is interoperable with any standard USB software. Developers can use RTXCusb to develop USB 1.1- and 2.0-compliant embedded hosts, peripheral and dual role (OTG) devices.

Integrated with RTXC middleware. RTXCusb can take full advantage of RTXC communications stacks and middleware.

Source Code. Written in ANSI C with full source code provided.

Fully documented. Intuitive and well documented with a user-friendly manual.


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