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Real-time Operating Systems


Deciding on a real-time operating system? Use the decision guide below to help make the selection that is right for your situation.

Basic RTOS 


Advanced RTOS 

Our basic RTOS could be the right choice if ANY of these statements apply to you:

  • Need a simple and reliable solution
  • The price of software is one of your biggest concerns
  • Application requirements are not complex
  • Not overly concerned with system performance
  • Don't have time to learn advanced RTOS features
  • Have never used a commercial RTOS
  • Moving to a 32-bit system for the first time

This could be the right choice for you if ANY of these statements apply to you:

  • Experienced developer; have used an RTOS before
  • System performance is of critical importance to you
  • Need an RTOS that will give very tight control over system resources
  • Don't want to spend time writing code to compensate for the limitations of a basic RTOS
  • Have used a "basic" RTOS and found it lacked key features
  • Expect a lot of value from software and tools




 Why choose an RTOS from Quadros Systems?

Whether you need a BASIC or ADVANCED RTOS, Quadros Systems has the technology and experience you have been looking for. There are several reasons why you should license an RTOS from Quadros Systems:

  • Scalability. All of our RTOSes share a common API. As you application requirements change you can migrate to higher (or lower) functionality to best meet your cost and performance requirements.

  • Unmatched Support. When you work with Quadros Systems, you have access to real engineers with top-notch RTOS experience. We give you the support and expertise you cannot get from a supplier who is reselling a "boxed" RTOS package.

  • Design and Configuration Tools. We are continually working on tools to make you more productive and give you greater control over you application development. Our VisualRTXC design tool lets you build your entire application graphically, and it is tightly coupled to the RTXC RTOS so you reduce your learning curve. Included with VisualRTXC is a powerful RTOS and application configuration tool.

  • Integrated and Tested Platforms. When you license an RTOS package from Quadros Systems, you get an integrated software platform built as a sample project in your chosen tool environment. You can get started immediately by modifying the sample project to meet your requirements.

  • Extensive Protocol Stacks and Middleware. We offer a full range of choices to power your application, from basic TCP/IP connectivity to advanced communications and higher level application protocols; from simple GUI libraries to powerful 32-bit graphics; from basic FAT file systems to high performance, failsafe NAND and NOR file systems; from low level CAN drivers to real-time CANopen solutions.

  • Support for Popular Development Tools. Quadros Systems partners with all of the major development tool providers so that you can be up and running fast with your choice of compiler/debugger. See the Tool Partners page for more information.

  • Flexible Licensing Models. We can help structure the license that fits your situation. Need a royalty-free model? No problem. Do you prefer to shift some of the costs to the production phase? We can help. Planning for a family of products? We have plans that will save you money. Talk with us about the unique needs of your situation.